To Be or Not to Be

Tyranny, oppression and a long list of other strong adjectives that exemplify the worst behaviors in man. Those were the words that all Americans are brought up to deplore, reject and crucify. We grow up with American flags in our classrooms, with speaking the pledge of allegiance early in the morning at the start of the school day, with giant airplanes flying high above our stadiums before football games, with fireworks flashing more brightly then even the stars on the 4thof July and a slew of other displays to express our love, patriotism and reverence for the great nation that we live in. However, in reality these spectacles are just that, mere spectacles. They do not really show who loves this nation. They do not reveal who truly has the character of an American in their blue-blooded veins. We are walking slabs of flesh and bone that were born in this nation, but that does not mean we composite the red, white and blue. People around this world die for their country’s freedom and independence every day. They dream of it. They look on tv sets and wish to the stars that their nation will one day become great. I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes and because I have seen it with my own eyes, I know that they have held America as the standard.

That is a word that is often stated but is seldom lived up to. America was a standard but right now that standard is shaking and being stirred to its core. One could revel in the fact that this nation had the highest voter turnout in the history of its existence. But that should not be considered the standard. That should be the expectation. It should be expected for a nation’s citizen to come out and vote so that nation can have a government that will allow it to continue to exist. This should not be celebrated. One does not celebrate what should be done. What we should celebrate is what is not expected, what is rare and what is hard.

The hardest thing one can do is to stand up when everything is on the line. For that is what’s at stake for America. The dies has been cast and Lady Liberty stares at a beast it thought would never approach her shores. It stares into the eyes of tyranny and oppression. President Donald J. Trump is doing what no president has done before. He is defying America democracy and claiming fraud to be wide and deep throughout our voting system. He does this and so many Americans sit idly by as they are to afraid to speak what is blatantly obvious. That Donald J. Trump is public enemy number one of the United States of America. He is seeking to undermine our freedom and wrestle complete control from our people. Many people in this nation have said that he is trying to stir a Civil War. I disagree with this. The reasoning for this is that there are only two ways that a nation tears itself apart. They are a Civil War and a Coup. A Civil War is started when an opposing side believes it has a chance to secure power through war and it should be stated that it is by far the safest of the two options. A Coup on the other hand, is far more deft in its procedure and exponentially riskier. A Coupis done when an opposing side does not believe it can start a Civil War and win. This side does not have the necessary support and that should be very clear in this situation. The US military will not help Donald J. Trump. America’s military does not involve itself with American domestic affairs. To pull off a Coup, you attack with complete and total aggression in the hope that all will be too stunned to react to stop it. That is the only way a Coup works. You gamble on shocking bystanders in the hope of seizing power and when the dust settles, the bystanders are no longer in a position to act.

This is what Donald J. Trump is attempting to do. He is gambling that we will do nothing. That millions of people in the world’s greatest nation will be too shocked to help themselves. It is a hell of a gamble. The ultimate gamble. But so far, the plan has merit because so many remain silent. Particularly the party of President Donald J. Trump. The Republican Party. The Party of Lincoln. The party that held the union together when a Civil War broke out in its own borders. The Republican Party now stands idle when it has more than the necessary amount of power to snuff out Donald J. Trump’s plan and force him to wait out for the results of this election. Alas, it should be stated that the people in the Republican Party in 1861 are not the ones among us in 2020. If these imposters carry on, then they will certainly prove themselves to be anything but American. The flashy displays must cease, and the true Americans, the Americans that full heartedly bleed red, white and blue must stand up. If this does not occur, then it will show that all of the strong Americans died a long time ago and that we are just what’s left.

That is the great challenge that the United States of America find itself in. No war, no foreign dictator who threatens the world or no great persecution harming the innocent. Americans must decide if they want to be leftovers or choose to be what we were taught to be when we were growing up. That we are free and brave. That we are just and right. Or America will be like the fireworks on the 4th of July. A bright, brilliant flash of light that is here no more.


Young writer born in Washington DC and raised right outside of Atlanta, Georgia.